General Questions

What is MyDearest?

MyDearest is a family locator designed to help you easily communicate with your parents, siblings, children, and other relatives so that you can keep them safe.

What does it mean to become someone’s Dearest?

In simple terms, becoming someone’s Dearest means that you are agreeing to let someone else view your app data so that they can help take care of you. When you become someone’s Dearest, you will be added into a Group Chat that your Caregiver has chosen so that you can easily communicate. That group may contain other group members but only your Caregiver will be able to access the following information:

  • Your Real-Time Location: They will be able to view your real-time location all of the time on their map screen and you cannot switch this off.
  • Your Location Report: This means they will receive a report of your travel history every 14 days
  • Your App Usage Report: They will receive a report showing what applications you use and for how long.
  • Optional Screen Sharing: You must grant permission on your app every time they wish to use this feature to view your phone screen. This feature will not work if you do not grant permission on the app.

You can stop being someone’s Dearest and exit the Caring Relationship at anytime by following the instructions under Exit Caring Relationship.

What is a Caregiver?

MyDearest uses the term “Caregiver” to refer to the person in the Caring Relationship that can view the other’s real-time location, Location Report, and App Usage Report at all times.

What is a Caring Relationship?

MyDearest uses the term “Caring Relationship” in order to describe how two people agree to enter into an arrangement where one person provides the other with help and support. In a caring relationship, both parties can view each other’s locations at all times on the Map screen and one chosen as the Caregiver can view the other’s Location Report and App Usage Report.

Do I join a group when I become someone’s Dearest?

Yes, you will automatically join the group that your Caregiver has chosen when you agree to become their Dearest.

How do I stop being someone’s Dearest?

If you are someone’s Dearest, you must directly ask your Caregiver to delete the relationship on their application.

How do I exit the Caring Relationship with one of my Dearest?

As a Caregiver, you must be the one to delete the Caring Relationship in order for someone to stop being your Dearest. Please click on the Manage section and under “My Dearest” category click on the user you wish to leave the caring relationship with. Under the “Manage Relationship” category, click on the slider so that it no longer blue. You will not be able to reenter the caring relationship on this page if the slider is gray.


Who can see my location?

MyDearest shares your location only with people you have given us permission to share it with.

Can people other than my Caregiver view my location?

No, your other contacts on MyDearest will not be able to view your location unless you intentionally send it to them in one of your group chats. You can switch that feature on or off whenever you want within a chat.

What are Self-Defined Locations?

Self-defined locations are addresses of your home, work, and/or school that you choose to save on MyDearest so that they always appear on your map.

What does Add Your Dearest mean?

“Add Your Dearest” means that you are establishing a caring relationship with another user so that you can access their real-time location data, view their Location and App Usage reports, and access the “Remote Screen Sharing” features.

What does it mean to Create Group?

By using the “Create Group” features, you can send invitations out to other people to join a chat where they can exchange messages and files with you. Once other people have joined, you can find the group in “Messages” and they will also be added to your contacts. This also unlocks the Group Calendar feature located in the “Reports” page.

What does it mean to Join Group?

When you join a group, you be able to do the following:

  • Chat with Group Members
  • Share Your Location: If you want to, you can temporarily allow other group members to view your location. You can switch this feature on and off whenever you want.
  • Send Files
  • View and Edit Group Calendar

You can leave the Group Chat at anytime by selecting “Leave Group”.

What is the difference between sending an invitation code to join a group and adding your Dearest?

The Invitation Codes for joining a group and adding someone as your Dearest look the same but unlock different features. If you send an invitation code for someone to join a group, they will be added to your contacts and into the group chat of your choosing. You cannot view their location unless they voluntarily choose to share it with you. If you send an invitation code for someone to become your Dearest, they will be also be added to your contacts and into the group chat of your choosing. However, you can view their location at anytime and also have access to their Location Report and App Usage Report.


What is Moments?

Moments is a dashboard where you can post and view status updates located in “Messages”.

Who can see my status updates?

Only the contacts you have added on MyDearest can view your status updates on their Moments dash.

What is a Group Chat?

A group chat is messaging platform where you can talk with other people and share files with. If you join a group chat on MyDearest, you also have access to that group’s “Group Calendar”. The “Group Calendar” is located on the “Reports” page.

How do I send files in a group chat?

When you want to share a file, photo or gif in a group chat, click on the “+” icon next to where you type. The option menu will show up and you will be able to select what you wish to share with the group.

How do I leave a group?

In order to leave a group, you must first select the group you wish to leave on the Map screen. Once you have selected the group, click on the “…” that appears next to your name and then press “Leave Group”.

What is the difference between being a group member and being someone’s Dearest?
FeaturesGroup Member Someone's Dearest
Added to ContactsYESYES
Added to Group ChatYESYES
Send MessagesYESYES
Added to Group CalendarYESYES
View Each Other’s MomentsYESYES
View Each Other’s LocationNOYES
View Your Location ReportNOYES
View Your App Usage ReportNOYES
Remote Screen SharingNOYES
What is the Group Calendar?

The Group Calendar is a feature that allows for you to plan and share events on a shared calendar for each of the groups you are apart of.

Where can I find the Group Calendar?

The Group Calendar is located on the “Reports” page.

Who can view the Group Calendar?

Only those in the same group as you can access the Group Calendar. There is a separate Group Calendar for every group chat you are in.


What is the Location Report?

The Location Report keeps a record of your travel history from the past 14 days (2 weeks) so that you can see where you have been. You have the option to voluntarily share this report with others.

Who can see my Location Report?

We only send your Location Report to you and your Caregiver, if you have one. You have the option to voluntarily share this report with other people but you get to choose when and to whom you send it.

How do I share my Location Report?

Click on the “Share Location Report” button on the bottom of the “My Location Report” screen. Then press “Share” on the upper right hand corner of your screen. Your Location Report will then be saved to your photos so that you can easily share it with others.

Why can I only share the cities that I visited when I share my Location Report?

We know how important your privacy is and want to make sure that your location data is secure. We only allow you to share the names of the cities that you visited in the past 14 days in order to prevent your location data from being used by third parties.

What is the App Usage Report?

The App Usage Report shows you how much time you are spending on different applications on your phone.

Who can see my App Usage Report?

Only your Caregiver and yourself can view the App Usage Report. If you do not have a Caregiver, then only you can view your App Usage Report.

Screen Sharing

What is Remote Screen Sharing?

Remote Screen Sharing allows you to help your Dearest from a distance by viewing their mobile device’s screen. You must have their consent in order to use this feature and they can revoke their consent at anytime during the session.

Where can I find the Remote Screen Sharing feature?

The Remote Screen Sharing feature is located on your Dearest’s profile. You can access this by going to “Manage” and selecting the person you want to remotely view their screen under the “My Dearest” category. Please note that you can only access this feature if you are in a Caring Relationship with someone on that app.

Who can I remotely share my screen with?

You can only share your screen with your Caregiver. You must enter a Caring Relationship with someone to unlock this feature.

Who can remotely see my screen?

Your Caregiver is the only one who can access your screen. However, you must grant them permission on your phone before they can view your screen. If you do not grant them permission, they will not be able to view it.


Why is it suggested to disable battery saving mode?

MyDearest suggests turning off/disabling battery saver mode so that the app can run smoothly and you do not have unnecessary amount of system notifications on your phone. MyDearest is a location tracking application and as such requires you to have it to be continuously running in the background of your phone. With battery saving mode on, you will get a ton of system notifications warning you that MyDearest is running in the background and is using up your battery.

Why does MyDearest want access to my location?

The main function of MyDearest is to provide you with the means to share your location with others and to view the location of those dearest to you. We collect your location information using your device’s IP address, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS coordinates. We only collect your location information in order to support the map, Location Report, and sharing your location features of the Service. We do not share your location with anyone besides those you have specifically asked to share it with. If you do not want to share your location data with others, you can either disable the location permission for our Service, not become another user’s Dearest, voluntarily choose to not share it within the group chats, and do not send others your Location Report.

Why does MyDearest want access to my photos?

MyDearest requests access to your photos so that you can upload a photo as your avatar on the application and can share photos within the group chats.

Why does MyDearest want access to my camera?

MyDearest requests access to your camera so that you can take photos to either upload as your avatar or share it within a group chat.

Why does MyDearest want access to my calendar?

MyDearest needs access to your calendar in order to transfer events planned using the Group Calendar feature of the app onto your phone’s calendar. This allows you to maintain a calendar with group members so that you can all stay informed about events or happenings within the group. We do not share this information with any third parties outside of the specific group chat that you are using the calendar feature with.

Why does MyDearest want access to my phone storage?

MyDearest requests access to your phone storage so that you can upload to a group chat and download files shared by others within a group chat.

Why does MyDearest want permission to display floating windows?

MyDearest requests permission to display floating windows so that you are notified when you are using the application and when the app is accessing your location.